Thursday, July 19, 2012

Selfish Restoration

I am living the life.  I am sitting in a hotel room, paid for by work, and flipping through the channels on the television.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Ten years ago, living the life would include hanging with my girls in some far away city.  Yet, here I am in good old Columbus, GA and this is now my definition of great.  It's so amazing how when you're younger the world is your oyster, but when you get a little older you realize that oysters are kind of slimy.  Well, I guess it's just a change of perspective.  While I would love to be strolling the Seine, I am well aware that that path I chose includes more of safaris with Diego.  I love my children with every part of my being.  There's nothing like the smile on my son's face when I pick him up from school.  Or having girl talk with my daughter.  But there's also nothing like having a few moments alone.  Time to process my thoughts without any demands.  Time to remember that I was a person before a mother or a wife.  So while it may seem a little selfish to enjoy business travel for the sake of personal gain, I wouldn't change a thing.  If I didn't have a moment to step away from my ever so crazy life, I wouldn't be able to see the beauty in it.  So I'll enjoy my peaceful hotel room to renew Nicole so that Mommy can return home tomorrow.  After all, it's the little things.

Fellow Mommies:  Take care of yourselves and you'll be better able to take care of others.  Sometimes that means getting a night away and sometimes it means making a pit stop at Ulta.  I'll take both.

The Lipgloss Junkie

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