Thursday, August 30, 2012

Privacy, What Privacy?

I wrote this three years ago and sadly nothing (much) has changed.....

If you've ever found yourself trying to remain quiet as a church mouse while in the bathroom of your own home, chances are you're a mom.  What is it about those few moments of solitude that drives a child crazy. As if there is something so important that can't wait until after we've washed our hands.  i am convinced that CHILD stands for Can't Help Interrupting Locked Doors.  Just recently, my one year old came screaming 'mommy' at the door of the bathroom 3 times within the five minutes I was in there.  And my daughter of course just walks right in on those off moments I forget to lock the door (I did the same thing as a child).  Yet no one ever bothers daddy when he has his moments on the throne.  And of course this doesn't just apply to the bathroom.  Even worst is those ever so precious moments of alone time with my husband.  There is nothing worse when you are trying to be sexy and intimate than a knock on the door.  Which is always accompanied by "What are you doing?"  And inevitably that whole lot of something that you were planning to do gets quickly deflated to a quickie, if that.  How parents of several children ever find time to themselves is a mystery to me.  Why didn't they tell us that children have a radar for when parents want to be intimate.  it's as if an alarm goes off.  yet my six year-old has been known to push me and my husband together to kiss (Note:  She doesn't do this anymore, she thinks it's gross).  But again, there is no locked door involved then.  Someone tell me, when will the moment come when I can stop sneaking around my own house in fear of being found by my two rugrats.  Until I figure it out, I will continue to sneak out of the room and practice being silent.  All the while, my daughter (and now my son) insists that she needs if!!
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anxiety, excitement, and facials...Oh My!

Elaine Sterling Institute
The Future Esthetician
Being in the room, one familiar face (that of the girl I saw on the way in the door), yet feeling like I'm in the wrong place.  Kinda like the feeling I had when I spent the entire morning in the 3rd grade classroom, when I was supposed to be in the 2nd grade.  These were the first few flutters of anxiety I experienced on the first day of esthetician school.  Come to find out, we were in the wrong room.  Upon getting to the right room, I find out that my cohort is comprised of four students. I found that awesome, four of us to go through this journey together, to study together, to practice on each other, and with any luck, to become friends through a shared experience.  By mid morning, after sharing my story and hearing their and filling out the necessary paperwork, I was still in la la land.  Still excited that I had actually stepped out on faith and followed my dream.  When we found out that we were getting facials (to know how it feels), I was elated.  Upon receiving it, along with a back treatment, and foot massage, I was singing in my head like Annie, "I think I'm going to like it here."  Now, I've been to three classes and the excitement is still there.  The newness and anticipation not waning.  Overjoyed to learn facial cleansing and the muscles of the body.  Putting one foot in front of the other....walking into the light of my destiny.
Smooches, The Lipgloss Junkie

Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Zentsational!

A while back, early July I think, I ordered the Total Beauty Collection.  For those who don't know, its a collection of several deluxe samples of beauty products that you can purchase for only $15.  This was my first time ordering, and while I could tell you all about the whole collection, no need to since there's a new one out now and you can't order it anyway.  I do, however, feel obliged to share with you the one highlight of the collection, at least for me.  I am sooo loving the Zents Eau de Toilette in Petal.  Generally, I have a very sensitive sense of smell and wear very few fragrances without a headache.  However, not only can I wear Petal without any headache, I find myself sniffing my wrist throughout the day because I absolutely love the smell.  When I went searching for more info, I found out that the founder of the company, Cord Coen, was in a car accident, lost his sense of smell, and upon regaining it was hypersensitive to smells (check the website for the full story).  Thus, Zents was born for all of us with overactive senses of smell.  Did I say how much I love it?  Anyway, this particular scent is described on the Zents site as "The elegance of lilies, the pure beauty of an offering, a devotion, a holding out of your hand."    Strangely, I think I get it.  One thing is for sure, my little sample vial is almost gone, as I've been dabbing some on everyday.  Guess I'll have to graduate to a full-sized product ($56).  Check them out, your nose might thank you.
PETAL eau de toilette

Chasing My Dream

On Wednesday, I wandered into Uniform Advantage, searched among the tons of options, and purchased 2 sets of gray scrubs.  While scrubs can be touted as comfortable wear and used as more than professional wear, my purchase marked the reality of my new journey.  Tomorrow, dressed in my new uniform, I will be attending my first class of esthetician school at The Elaine Sterling Institute.  I have neglected my dream for the past 9+ years and I am finally refusing to let another year go by without following the path in my heart.  I may be a lipgloss junkie now, but I'm destined for licensed esthetician and lipgloss master.  Don't be afraid to follow your dreams!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pleasure "Pin"ciple

Be still my heart, Pinterest has finally released an app for Android.  Why am I so excited, you ask?  For a gal  like me, wandering the aisles of a department store and looking at the pretty things, is tons of fun.  Pinterest is like all of the same beauty and wonder bundled up in a non-debt incurring fashion.  Sure I can take some time to wander through Macy's and look at all of the new items and some old favorites at the Clinique and MAC counters (which I did today and amazingly didn't buy anything).  But pinning make-up looks, nail trends, and hot hair puts a smile on my face. It's the little things.  Check out my pins at  What are you pinning?

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Plug into your Family

The other day at work, while reviewing a child's plan (I coordinate a program for kids with disabilities), I read something that took me by surprise.  One of the goals for this two year-old who isn't talking yet, was to decrease iPad use.  This made me wonder, are we failing to teach our kids the art of playing and social interaction and  instead relying on technology too much? (Note:  By no means am I trying to suggest that the child is not talking because of its use.  The child has a true speech delay.  Nor am I trying to implicate his parents, but to rather shed light on the current state of parenting in general.)

When I was growing up, I couldn't wait to get a pen pal.  Checking the mail was an exciting part of my day (for some reason it still is although I could do without the bills).  As I got older, I would stay up all night long talking on the phone to my girlfriends.  Now verbal communication and letter writing has given way to texting, emails, and Facebook.  Why talk on the phone for 5 minutes when you can send 10 grammatically incorrect text messages?  Hanging out on the porch playing cards with friends is being replaced by Words with Friends.  I'm as guilty as the rest of the world. My children know how to operate all of the electronic devices out.  The oldest has her own Nook and there are discussions of what to get the youngest.  It is nothing for my four year-old son to grab my phone and start playing Angry Birds (he's better at it than I am).   Sending my kids outside is likely to end in complaints about the heat or boredom.  Children are becoming way too dependent on technological advances as a means of entertainment.  That innate ability to play is being destroyed.

So, how can we combat losing our children and gaining a group of robots. Here's a few simple suggestions:
  1. Have dinner with the family.  Actually sit at the table (not in the car) and talk about the day.  My dinner time usually includes very corny jokes by my daughter.
  2. Plan a family game night.  There is nothing like watching my husband play Cootie with my son.
  3. Go outside.  Wash the car together. Talk a walk around your neighborhood. Play catch.  It doesn't matter, just do it together.
  4. Write letters to the grandparents (though some are tech savvy, they'd much rather receive a handwritten letter).
  5. Have a dance off with your family.  Tonight after dinner, we taught my daughter the running man and the roger rabbit while listening to Janet Jackson.  Meanwhile, she told us how old school we are and asked to listen to Beyonce.
  6. Turn off the tv, computer, tablets, etc.  Every year, in April there is a National Turn Off The TV/Screen-Free week.  It is geared towards taking back family time.  You don't have to wait until April.  With school starting soon, reduce or eliminate screen time during the week.  I attempt to limit our time to one show per kid during the week.
Now, I'm not trying to sound high and mighty.  My household is by no means perfect.  In fact, I struggle to consistently enforce some of these.  We do manage to have dinner together almost every night.  And we frequently dance together.  I know I have a battle on my hands to reduce the tv and nook use since school is starting.  But we can replace that time by playing games.  And when we do the most amazing thing children stop fighting with each other.  They start taking turns.  And we all start learning a little more about each other, simply because we're talking to one another.  Let's go from an iFamily to My Family. What other suggestions do you have?

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