Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anxiety, excitement, and facials...Oh My!

Elaine Sterling Institute
The Future Esthetician
Being in the room, one familiar face (that of the girl I saw on the way in the door), yet feeling like I'm in the wrong place.  Kinda like the feeling I had when I spent the entire morning in the 3rd grade classroom, when I was supposed to be in the 2nd grade.  These were the first few flutters of anxiety I experienced on the first day of esthetician school.  Come to find out, we were in the wrong room.  Upon getting to the right room, I find out that my cohort is comprised of four students. I found that awesome, four of us to go through this journey together, to study together, to practice on each other, and with any luck, to become friends through a shared experience.  By mid morning, after sharing my story and hearing their and filling out the necessary paperwork, I was still in la la land.  Still excited that I had actually stepped out on faith and followed my dream.  When we found out that we were getting facials (to know how it feels), I was elated.  Upon receiving it, along with a back treatment, and foot massage, I was singing in my head like Annie, "I think I'm going to like it here."  Now, I've been to three classes and the excitement is still there.  The newness and anticipation not waning.  Overjoyed to learn facial cleansing and the muscles of the body.  Putting one foot in front of the other....walking into the light of my destiny.
Smooches, The Lipgloss Junkie

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