Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Zentsational!

A while back, early July I think, I ordered the Total Beauty Collection.  For those who don't know, its a collection of several deluxe samples of beauty products that you can purchase for only $15.  This was my first time ordering, and while I could tell you all about the whole collection, no need to since there's a new one out now and you can't order it anyway.  I do, however, feel obliged to share with you the one highlight of the collection, at least for me.  I am sooo loving the Zents Eau de Toilette in Petal.  Generally, I have a very sensitive sense of smell and wear very few fragrances without a headache.  However, not only can I wear Petal without any headache, I find myself sniffing my wrist throughout the day because I absolutely love the smell.  When I went searching for more info, I found out that the founder of the company, Cord Coen, was in a car accident, lost his sense of smell, and upon regaining it was hypersensitive to smells (check the website for the full story).  Thus, Zents was born for all of us with overactive senses of smell.  Did I say how much I love it?  Anyway, this particular scent is described on the Zents site as "The elegance of lilies, the pure beauty of an offering, a devotion, a holding out of your hand."    Strangely, I think I get it.  One thing is for sure, my little sample vial is almost gone, as I've been dabbing some on everyday.  Guess I'll have to graduate to a full-sized product ($56).  Check them out, your nose might thank you.
PETAL eau de toilette

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