Thursday, August 30, 2012

Privacy, What Privacy?

I wrote this three years ago and sadly nothing (much) has changed.....

If you've ever found yourself trying to remain quiet as a church mouse while in the bathroom of your own home, chances are you're a mom.  What is it about those few moments of solitude that drives a child crazy. As if there is something so important that can't wait until after we've washed our hands.  i am convinced that CHILD stands for Can't Help Interrupting Locked Doors.  Just recently, my one year old came screaming 'mommy' at the door of the bathroom 3 times within the five minutes I was in there.  And my daughter of course just walks right in on those off moments I forget to lock the door (I did the same thing as a child).  Yet no one ever bothers daddy when he has his moments on the throne.  And of course this doesn't just apply to the bathroom.  Even worst is those ever so precious moments of alone time with my husband.  There is nothing worse when you are trying to be sexy and intimate than a knock on the door.  Which is always accompanied by "What are you doing?"  And inevitably that whole lot of something that you were planning to do gets quickly deflated to a quickie, if that.  How parents of several children ever find time to themselves is a mystery to me.  Why didn't they tell us that children have a radar for when parents want to be intimate.  it's as if an alarm goes off.  yet my six year-old has been known to push me and my husband together to kiss (Note:  She doesn't do this anymore, she thinks it's gross).  But again, there is no locked door involved then.  Someone tell me, when will the moment come when I can stop sneaking around my own house in fear of being found by my two rugrats.  Until I figure it out, I will continue to sneak out of the room and practice being silent.  All the while, my daughter (and now my son) insists that she needs if!!
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  1. I am happy to tell you I loved this post! I am hesitant to tell you how I laughed! Not at -- I promise. Definitely with you. Surely you will laugh over this some day... In that beautiful someday filled with long, luxurious bubble baths, an uninterrupted great read, and slow, intimate times with your husband.
    Truly -- I have heard these sort of things do exist!
    Between now and someday - I will explore your site and wish you inner peace!

  2. Thanks for the ray of hope and thanks for reading.