Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Broke Girls Beauty Digest

For anyone who knew me pre-motherhood, they could tell you the massive amounts of cosmetics I owned and the great debts I took on.  Money was no object. Nine years later, I still have a weakness for products way too expensive for me and am not always successful in controlling my weakness.  However, I am also more diligent in trying to find affordable replacement products.  For those of you who have swapped out your Prada bags for diaper bags, extravagant mall purchases for mortgage mayhem, and anyone finding themselves drifting closer to the "have nots", this list is for you.

Beauty Buys to Try under $10
  • Lipgloss:  Avon
    • Great dose of color and shine. Silky smooth lipgloss at an unbeatable price.
    • Great dose of color and shine. Silky smooth lipgloss at an unbeatable price. Although these retail around $6, most of the time you find them on sale, sometimes as low as $2.  The shades do change occasionally, so be open to trying new shades.
  • Lipbalm: C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Lip Balm
    • C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Lip Balm - No. 303
    • Sold in Bath & Body Works stores, this was the first lipbalm I turned to when I needed to cut expenses.  At only $7.50, it's not called my favorite lip balm for nothing.  With moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E, this balm is wonderful.  If you're looking for a balm in a tin, try Lush None of your Beeswax (my new find).
  • Mascara:  Cover Girl Lash Blast
    • LashBlast Volume Mascara
    • Of all beauty products, mascara is the one thing that gets me up in arms.  There are just way too many options out there, even I get overwhelmed. On Cover Girl's website, there are 25 versions alone.  Nevertheless, I do like the fat brush and the volume this mascara delivers.  At under $7, its worth a shot.
  • Eyeshadow:  Ulta and NYX
    • ULTAEyeshadow                 LOOSE PEARL EYE SHADOW
    • I stumbled upon Ulta back in grad school.  Not only do they offer an enormous range of shades, they have decent pigmentation and you get alot of product.  And for a girl on a budget, these seem to almost always be on sale.  Currently, they are buy 2 get 2 free (you can also mix and match other ulta products).  That's 4 eyeshadows for $14.
    • If you like loose pigments, try NYX.  Surprisingly inexpensive at $3 and great quality.
    • If you use eyeliner, I haven't found a cheaper one that I like.  The few I've tried tend to feel like they are dragging across my eyelids (ouch).  Instead, you can use a wet/dry eyeshadow (some are labelled for wet use others you can try it) and an angled shadow brush.  Wet the brush, slightly not dripping, and gather some of the shadow on it to draw on a line at the waterline.  You can build this line to be as thin or thick as you like it.  You can also make it as defined or blended as you like.  Try it.  If you find an alternative, do tell.
  • Foundation:  Sorry girls?
    • This is one product where I say you may need to splurge.  I have tried Cover Girl, L'Oreal, and Revlon.  And none of them did I desire to purchase again.  I almost had a match with Revlon, until I started breaking out (they apparently don't make that product anymore).  I think there is nothing like being able to try out foundation at the beauty counter, wear it for a few hours, and then make a decision.  That way you'll know how it wears on your skin and how it looks in natural light.  If you still want a drugstore brand, there are lots of options out there...powders, liquids, mousses, the list goes on.  
  • Nail Polish: Ulta, Sally Hansen, Rimmel
    • ULTASalon Formula Nail Lacquer Hard As Nails Extreme Wear Nail ColorLasting Finish Pro Nail Lacquer
    • Ok, I couldn't pick just one.  Each of these brands is around $3.  All three have a good selection of colors and lasts a decent amount of time.  I've had a manicure last about a week and a pedicure last a month (not that I usually let it last that long).  Do use a topcoat, ensuring to cover the tip of the nail for the longest wear.  You can also buy products such as Essie and OPI, great products for around $8.  For some reason, nail polish is the one product I refuse to pay more than $3 for.  There are too many decent, but cheaper options.  If you find a great deal on the more expensive ones, let a junkie know.
The next time you're in Ulta, Walmart, Target or wherever you buy your inexpensive beauty products, pick up one of my favs and tell me know what you think.  
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