Monday, September 10, 2012

Just Call Me Mom

Parents are unsung heroes.  Beyond fulfilling the basic necessities of life (ie. food, clothing, shelter), parents do so much more to ensure our children have fun-filled childhoods, are exposed to culture, and learn to appreciate and care for other people.  We make sure we sign our kids up for meaningful activities and spend countless hours shuttling back and forth to dance recitals, cheer practices, swim meets, and dramatic reading competitions.  We are constantly spending our weekends at Chuck E. Cheese or Monkey Joe's, bouncing from one birthday party to another, even though costumed grown-ups is not in our definition of fun.  We spend money, sometimes that was meant for bills, on making sure every birthday and Christmas is better than the last.  We clean crayon off walls and sometime furniture, stay up all hours of the night nursing a 100 degree fever, and still find time to play tooth fairy (who in my house, although usually stuck in fairy traffic, writes notes). We do all of this, often neglecting our spouses and ourselves. 

To those without children, we probably look crazy.  But to parents, we're only doing our jobs.  And like many jobs, we don't always get accolades.  No gold stars, no bonuses, no promotions.  But it still all pays off.  As I have been navigating dealing with a pre-pubescent girl and trying to teach her to be her best, tonight I think I had a breakthrough.  She told me that I was one of her heroes.  Her reason was because, "You keep pushing me to be my best, even when I don't want to be.  But I know, in the end, that it's for the best."  As I was driving, the tears started rolling, though I didn't let her see.  She's actually been listening to what I say.  You see being a chauffeur, when often times I just want to lay in the bed and watch SATC re-runs, has its advantages.  Not only does my child get to have great experiences with her peers, but we have an ongoing repertoire of things to talk about.  Lessons to be shared, comparisons made of how alike we really are, and discussions of how we can always be better.  So, while I am overjoyed that my daughter sees me as a hero, I don't need that title.  The title of MOM fits me perfectly.

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