Monday, September 10, 2012

Makeup Forever Wonderland

Saturday, I went on my first field trip to the Makeup Forever Road Show at the W Hotel Midtown Atlanta.  Can you guess how excited I was?  For those wondering, this was a free event meant for networking, attending classes, watching demonstrations, and of course sampling and hopefully buying Makeup Forever goods.  We were there to see a red carpet beauty demonstration by AJ Crimson.  I found it fascinating to listen to an industry professional talk about some of his tricks of the trade and to watch the transformations take place.  It always amazes me to read or hear about the different ways artists create a look.  Makeup artistry is just  Each artist has their own way of wielding their brush (or hand or sponge or whatever they're using) and using a variety of mediums (creams, powders, gels, etc.) to transform and/or beautify. Note:  While I love makeup used for beauty, I have the utmost respect for special fx artists.  Needless to say, I was in a wonderland.  My hands were covered in eyeshadow, blush, and lipgloss of course.  And by the way, the new Aqua Rouge lipstick is awesome.  It looks like a lipgloss, applies like a lipstick, but has the staying power of a stain (literally, I couldn't get it off with just a wipe).  And comes in some beautiful shades.  I also loved the Aqua Cream eyeshadows.  They are highly pigmented, creamy in texture, and long wearing.  Because they dry quickly, you would probably want to start with a small amount and then layer to get the look you want.  Anyway, I have a ton of items on my shopping list (unfortunately, I didn't budget any money to take with me...epic fail).  All in all, I had a wonderful time.  The only complaint I have is the amount I paid for parking. Doesn't the hotel know that the $11 would have paid for a lipgloss!

Red Carpet Beauty

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