Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A to Z: Lessons for Every Child

It's that time again that most of us parents get excited about, back to school.  As our children get settled back into their routines, I thought I'd share something that I wrote about 10 years ago.  It hits home for me now more than ever, as my oldest is on the precipice of puberty and my youngest is entering kindergarten.  We must remember that regardless of what our children learn in school, we are their first teachers charged with molding and shaping them into wonderful human beings.  So, here's my back to school gift to you and your children.

Always do your best
Be honest
Choose wisely
Enjoy each day to the fullest
Feel the music
Get involved
Have fun
Interests, examine yours
Join a club based on your interests
Knowledge is the key to success
Love yourself
Make believe
Never give up
Obey your parents and teachers
Pick a good book and read
Quitters never prosper
Respect others
Success is up to you, Stay focused
Take responsibility for your actions
Utilize the resources around you
Volunteer, you'll feel good about yourself
Wisdom comes with experience
Xpect greatness
Yearn for more, don't settle
Zoom out, look at the big picture

~the lipgloss junkie

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