Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sweet Air Up There: A Gloss Review

When i started this blog, I had this vision of sharing my thoughts on all of the latest beauty trends and life's drama.  Well, what I've found is that although I reached my goal of becoming an esthetician, I don't venture out in terms of purchasing much makeup anymore. (Ugh, and she calls herself the lipgloss junkie.)  Let's be real, lipgloss love took a backseat to life and bills.  You will still always find me in lipgloss, I just don't run out to buy the latest launch.  So, imagine my surprise when I come home and find this on my pillow for my anniversary.
This is the Cuddle Me lipgloss set from Sweet Air Cosmetics.  It includes 3 mini gloss ware long lasting lipglosses in shades Sorbet (a sheer red), Huetopia (a sheer natural/pink), Burlesque (a deep rose).  The first thing I noticed when I tried them is the subtle and pleasant vanilla scent.  There's nothing worst than funky smelling lipgloss, thankfully there is nothing funky about this gloss.  These are fairly thick in texture, but amazingly not sticky.  And here's the best part, they really are long-lasting!  I was able to go 6 hours without reapplying, this includes 2 meals and drinks in between! I'm impressed.  So, if you're looking for a gift for the lady in your life, check out Sweet Air Cosmetics.  With the luxurious packaging and irresistible shades, the Cuddle Me set is sure to please. Pucker up, I know I did!

From left:  Sorbet, Burlesque, Huetopia
From top:  Sorbet, Huetopia, Burlesque

Wearing Burlesque

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