Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Harboring Hope

Black young man. About 5’ 11” wearing khaki pants, polo top, and backpack slung over his shoulder. Walking solemnly down a busy metro street, presumably on the way to school.  My first thought…Will he make it?  Will he make it?  Not, he could be a physicist.  Not, he could be a lawyer.  All of the hopes and dreams that could be placed upon him are washed away in an instant because of the climate of our society.  Our black boys are endangered.  They are being shot down, by those who are charged with protecting, and continuously being killed by one another.  My hometown of Baltimore has had 200 homicides this year already.  And whilst the news, Facebook, and media in general continue to strip the hope for our future away, we have to hold on to it.  I’m ashamed that my first thought was that of doom when I saw that young man.  He is someone’s son.  He could be my son in 10 years.  As a parent, we do our best to teach our children values so that they are reflected when they step into the world.  We cannot let society wear us down.  We must remain optimistic, and hold onto hope.  I don’t want to look at young black boys as future victims.  I want to see in them what I see in the eyes of my own son.  A free-spirited, determined, loving child who can be whatever he wants to be, even if that is currently a power ranger.  If we don’t see the positivity and the possibilities, what will they see in themselves?  So, young black man, wherever you are, stand tall, set your sights high, and make it.

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